Sales Booster

Sales Skill

Sales Performance is the most crucial part of a business. Whether you are dealing with business or job you need to understand the techniques of sales to overcome the barriers of your carrier. Mastering the art of sales will take you to the next level. In modern management system the performance of a company depends on the success of the sales team. In terms of business development it is highly recommended to corporate leaders to understand the sales techniques and designing effective sales channel.

Sales Booster Training

We provide effective sales booster training to the corporate, retail and direct sales team based on organizational requirements and objectives. If your sales team is too big then we also provide special sales training to the team leader or sales supervisors so that they can facilitate their team members. Our sales training module is designed according to fortune 500 companies’ analysis and sophisticated research.
Training Modules:

1. Steps to success
2. Presentation skills
3. FUGI factors
4. FFF method for overcoming objections
5. Icebreaking factors
6. Jones Effect
7. How to handle problem customers
8. Negotiation skill
9. Corporate Agreement (win-win strategy)
10. Law of Average
11. Digital media sales lead generation
12. Game Theory in sales strategy
13. Body Language
14. How to read customers mind
15. Qualifying questions
16. How to achieve sales target
17. Territory management
18. Target market analysis
19. How to set up corporate meetings
20. High performance sales
21. How to handle big sales team
22. How to motivate your team members