Communication Skills

Objective of the training
1. Participants can understand the importance of communication skill
2. They can focus more on listening
3. Activate more verbal and non-verbal communication technique
4. Use paraphrase and clarification
5. Learn the art of corporate communication.

Training Modules
1) English Language
a. Effective communication
b. Vocabulary
c. Synonyms
d. How to handle foreign customers
e. How to give compliments to your buyer
f. Cultural shock
g. Fluency in speaking English

2) Communication Techniques
a. Active listening
b. Body Language
c. Verbal & Non-Verbal communication
d. Questioning techniques
e. Paraphrasing & Clarification

3) Corporate Communication
a. Social Media
b. Corporate proposal
c. Listening skill
d. Barriers of effective communication
e. Strategic communication

Interactive Session
1. Pass the message
2. Vocal tone scoring
3. Perfect wording
4. Body language
5. Group discussion