How to Handle Foreign Customers

Dealing with Foreigners

Whenever it comes to deal with a foreigner it seems like very sensitive and sophisticated issue for most of the people in our country. However; proper knowledge about foreigner’s culture, background and psychology might help you to handle them properly. If your target market or buyers are from foreign country then this workshop is mandatory for you and also for your team for maintaining a better relationship with your potential clients.

Training Modules

  1. Research on country/religion/food.
  2. Ice Breaking
  3. Overcoming language barrier
  4. Communication skills (Verbal/ Non Verbal)
  5. Do’s & Don’t
  6. Professionalism
  7. How to influence foreigners
  8. Win-Win Strategy
  9. Business Negotiation
  10. Entertainment

Scheduled Time

  1. Introduction= 15 min
  2. Presentation- 180 min
  3. Video tutorial- 10 min
  4. Q & A session- 60 min
  5. Experience sharing- 30 min