Lie Detection

You can protect your workplace from fraud, attitude problems, violence, theft and absenteeism all of which negatively impact on productivity. Lie detection skills might save you from financial loss and redundancy. In terms of recruitment and personality test it is mandatory for managers to identify real potentials in the organization to build a solid team. Lie detection training will give you sophisticated analytical skill which will help you to take rational decisions.

Training Modules:

  1. How to detect deception
  2. Signs of lying
  3. Face reading
  4. Testing the truth Bias
  5. Behavioral account
  6. Channel effect
  7. Statement analysis
  8. Observing body languages
  9. Questioning method
  10. Experimental psychology


Lie Detector Test for Employment

​​Polygraph screening is a vital tool in the Human Resources Risk Assessment Policy of any business wanting to protect its interests. Its use ensures:

  • Recruitment of the right person
  • Security of your business
  • Combating of substance abuse


Benefits of employment screening

We understand that the security of your business is essential. For this reason and many others, we conduct employment screening tests. This includes verification of the background of candidates. The pre-employment security interview investigates comprehensive issues such as honesty, work history, education, drug/alcohol abuse, gambling and anything else of specific concern to the employer.

Recruit the right person – with in depth vetting and background checks, Lie Detector Experts verifies the qualifications of candidates, ensuring they are perfect for the position. This also reduces the attrition rate, improving safety and security in the workplace immeasurably.

False insurance claims – pre-employment polygraph (lie detector) tests help reduce threats to your business and violations in the workplace. Untrustworthy candidates may engage in theft, damage to property and assets, as well as false claims against you or your business. Pre-employment screening, you can eradicate such potential risks.