Strategic Sales

Most of the companies follow the traditional sales method to train their team members. But the corporate world is changing fast. The culture, communication process and approach of corporate environment is also demanding some new strategies to get the competitive advantage.

Our Strategic sales training module is specially designed for amateur sales persons who want to shape their career in a new dimension through their performance. If your team can absorb the course materials and contents by heart then you will experience a great ROI within a very short period of time.


Steps in our Strategic Sales Training approach includes:

1). Diagnosis
Strategic sales start with some realistic data based on market research, customer feedback and close observation of sales team. Understanding the problems of your team members is the first step of this process. We call it diagnosis of sales process. It is highly recommended for the large group of companies or big sales team to diagnosis their team members every year so that they can fine tune the system.         

2). Sales Techniques and Sales Process Steps Identified
After reviewing sales team’s performance we try to find out the SWOT analysis for individual team member. Then it comes to reshuffle the team according to their strength of work area specification. As for example suppose a sales person is outstanding at cold calling but he is working at retail outlet. Team leaders should switch his position with a telesales person who is uncomfortable at phone calls. Another way of adjusting team members is to figure out their interest and life goals. If they get more than what they are expected then your organization can maximize his potentials.

3). Customized Sales Training Classes
To give a clear picture of organizational goal we take classes of sales team members so that they can forecast their future in the organization. In one of the management research findings by Harvard Business School showed that employees always seek for the next position in their career path. We show them how to climb the ladder and what are the outcomes coming up from their performances.

4). Effective Learning Yields Long-Term Sales Improvements
We have two simple, tried-and-true concepts that guide our training.
1)  Learning=Fun
2)  Life goals through performance analysis

5). Win-Win Strategy
We teach how to make win-win strategy with big organizations to maximize the sales output. This strategy could be applicable for negotiation, partnership or joint venture projects. There are some mechanisms for such types of sales meeting which will help you to close the deal. This is a marvelous sales technique where you will make profits for your partner’s sales.

5). Bundle Sales
Sometimes you can tag your product or service with other brands which are already popular in market. However; the process of bundle up is not that easy. That’s why you need to train up your team so that they can increase their sales figure by bundle up. Our sophisticated module will train your team how to boost up the sales through strategic decision making.

6). Strategic Sales Training Measurement and Follow Up
Most of the sales persons fail at the field because of poor monitoring and follow up. It is managers task to forecast the sales and prepare the team according to the plan. Sometimes managers also fail to monitor the team since they have extreme workloads. We provide sales monitoring tools so that your organization can track the sales growth. We also use Business Intelligence Software to forecast your company’s next year sales figure. This is how you can stop uncertain sales drop.