Stress Management

What is Stress

Stress is a painful feeling created by excess pressure of workload, over thinking and by the feelings of “getting out of control”. However; we all face stress in different stages of life. The level of stress varies from different perspective and to different personalities.

Training Module


  1. Introduction & Objective
  2. Causes & Symptoms
  3. Managing Stress
  4. Interaction with expert


Scheduled Time

  1. Introduction- 15 min
  2. Theory- 30 min
  3. Individual activity- 30 min
  4. Meditation-15 min
  5. Group Exercise-15 min
  6. Stress management techniques- 30 min
  7. Group activity- 30 min
  8. Video & discussion- 15 min

Objective of the training

  1. To accept it exists in daily life.
  2. To open up to talk about it freely.
  3. To understand it’s necessity in daily life.
  4. To know its types.
  5. To be able to manage it.
  6. To be able to help others in distress



  1. Will be able to know that it is essential in life.
  2. Will be able to know its types.
  3. Will be able to know its triggers.
  4. Will be able to learn to manage it.
  5. Will be able to help others in need