Training of Trainers (TOT)

Trainers are the resource persons of an organization. Training would be segmented for product knowledge, profitability analysis or based on any new research findings for your organization. But it is very important to understand the quality of training sessions provided by your in house trainers. Some of the supervisors have expertise in finding out the solutions through research work but when it comes to train others they feel like they are unable to deliver the messages properly which creates malfunction in management system. To fine tune the performance of trainers we have designed our training modules which will lead them to their desired goal.

Objectives of the training

  1. Prepare the trainers to analyze their audience
  2. How to design tailor the materials
  3. Participant engagement techniques
  4. Handling difficult questions, situations and incidents
  5. Influencing factors


Key Foundations of TOT

  1. Know the purpose of a trainer
  2. Learning psychology
  3. Develop objectives and assessment process
  4. Creating new contents to support the objectives
  5. Make the interactive session more lively

Training Modules

  1. Strategies for grabbing the attention of participants
  2. Dealing with disruptive talking
  3. Reward system during the session
  4. How to design tailor made training modules
  5. Critical reasoning
  6. Presentation skills

Interactive session

  1. Think-Pair-Share
  2. Gallery walk
  3. Parking lot
  4. Comment box
  5. Loud>Louder

Specially designed for

  • Manager, CEO, Team leaders
  • In house trainers
  • Facilitators and Corporate trainers
  • Supervisors, HR professional